"Laurie Brown is at the top of the music industry professionals in Canada that I have had the pleasure of working with. I found her to be exceedingly knowledgeable, skilled, professional, and well connected as a grant writer and artist manager. More importantly, Laurie is warm, kind, fun, and caring. I enjoy working with Laurie and I will happily continue to recommend her services to other songwriters and artists that I work with."
~ Doug Folkins, Songwriter at Lynn Gann Music Enterprises (Nashville) / Owner of Fenwick Music Publishing (Canada)

"One of the most sincere, hardworking individuals that I have the pleasure of knowing and working with. Laurie wears her heart on her sleeve and that is evident in the dedication she has shown me in the short time that we have known each other. I look forward to seeing her rise to the top of her game, and have no doubt in mind that she will remain the same family oriented, driven, caring person that she is today."
~ Adam Gregory, Country Recording Artist

"They say good people come into our lives for a reason. We were introduced to Laurie Brown through Adam Gregory's Social Media Consultant Christine Bode. Since getting to know Laurie, she has shown us nothing but sincerity, determination, eagerness, and support, just to name a few, in wanting to help Adam with his career. Laurie is a very family-orientated lady and that's one trait that we found immediately we had in common. Laurie is a very hard worker, when she says she's going to do something, will always follow through with it, and responds in a very timely manner. You need an individual like Laurie to build a team of dedicated people in order to be successful. We are very fortunate to have met Laurie and we look forward to the continued working and personal friendship with her."
~ Greg and Marg - Adam Gregory Entertainment

"I first met Laurie Brown at a Canadian music industry event in 2012. She was hungry for knowledge and eager to help educate up-and-coming musicians on key resources to help build their careers. Since that time Laurie's passion for equipping Performing Artists has only grown. She has a depth of industry knowledge that is unsurpassed, and her integrity makes her the clear choice in her field. We look forward to an on-going relationship with Porch Swing Entertainment."
~ Joal Kamps, Performing Artist & Songwriter

"What has always impressed me about Laurie Brown is her eagerness to learn more, not only for herself but for the artists she works with. When she's at workshops or other industry events you can already see those wheels turning as she absorbs what is being shared and starts applying it to artists she's working with. Laurie puts the artists first and is always looking out for their best interest. Her professionalism, sincerity and genuine passion for music and what she does is inspiring and makes me want to work harder at doing what I do and I've seen her have that same effect on the artists she works with."
~ Danny Fournier, Music Industry & Marketing Consultant, Oddball Productions

"Laurie Brown has become an exceptionally valuable part of our team. From the first time we met were drawn to her confident and endearing personality, and once we began working together we've continually been impressed and grateful for her incredible work ethic. You can trust that when she says she will get something done that she will indeed follow through with her word. She seems to intuitively know how to work with each artist on their own wavelength, which makes her very easy to work with. Not only is she a hard worker, but she also has taken a genuine interest in our career goals, and our dreams for the future. To summarize: we are so thankful to have her as our ally!"
~ The Doll Sisters, Folk/Roots Musicians

"Laurie's enthusiasm is contagious and her work ethic is inspiring! She has helped me a great deal in my career already and I look forward to our continued work together. She is, without a doubt, one of the best in the Canadian music scene and she is only getting better!"
~ David Aide, AKA Rooster Davis, Blues Musician

"There are people in the music industry that say they will get things done, and then there are people that DO get things done. Laurie definitely falls in the latter category and she is one of the most on-the-ball, current, caring, organized, and driven professionals who has her finger on the pulse of the industry and what's going on!"
~ Jason Hastie and the Alibi, Country Recording Artist

"Laurie Brown is more then an Artist Manager and Consultant, she is family! In an industry that is forever changing Laurie provides the right advice and guidance to take successful steps to build a career. Simply stated, I would not be where I am today with out the assistance of Laurie Brown!!"
~ Cole Malone, Country Recording Artist and Nashville Northstar Winner

"I have only been working with Laurie Brown for a few months but in that short time frame I have become completely impressed with her knowledge, effectiveness, organizational skills, professionalism, honesty, passion, and hunger for more knowledge re the music industry. I expect her career will skyrocket in coming months and years and am honored to be a piece of that puzzle!"
~ Ann Vriend, Soul Songstress

"Over the past year, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with and getting to know Laurie Brown. From your first phone call or e-mail to your last handshake or hug, you can expect nothing less than a true professional. Laurie is always prepared and willing to help artists and industry people alike. If you have a question, she has an answer, and if she is uncertain, she's not scared to dig and help find a solution, that will hopefully work for her clients. Myself and the MLE Team, are looking forward to developing our future with the guidance of Laurie by our side."
~ Cheryl Barkhouse, Artist Manager, MLE

"The 'Art' Of 'Artist Management & Music Industry Consulting' Requires Many Skill Sets, Much Intuition, Knowledge, Dedication & Experience.... Laurie Brown Brings All Of These To Every Project & Client She Is A Part Of. We Are Always Delighted To Recommend The Services Of Her Company To Our Clients & Frequently Utilize Them Ourselves!! Unparalleled Customer Service, Expertise & Results!"
~ Dave Temple, MCC Recording Studio

"I have had the pleasure of working with Porch Swing Entertainment on multiple occasions. Whether it's a grant application, press kit, entertainment booking, or just some great advice, Laurie is always there to lend her expertise. It is not always easy to come by honest, genuine people in any industry, but Laurie Brown certainly is a diamond in the rough. She genuinely cares for everyone she works with, and wants nothing more than to see you succeed. I believe that heart will take you far in any avenue of life, and there certainly is no shortage of that when it comes to Laurie. I would highly recommend her to any one of my peers, and I look forward to working with this outstanding company in the future."
~ Amber Haydey, Country Recording Artist

"Laurie is everything that is right with the music industry. She is diligent, hardworking, detail oriented and an efficient communicator. She is generous with her time and offers great advice. I can't recommend her enough."
~ Matt Blais, Alt Rock Musician

"Working with Laurie on behalf of clients and projects has been very rewarding. She's professional and diligent. She's been gracious, easy to deal with and is very good at what she does. I'd highly recommend working with Laurie to anyone in need of the variety of services she offers."
~ Leanne Harrison, SIN Agency